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The FMA Informative has a Newspaper with information for the Filipino martial arts community, short stories, introductions of practitioners or styles, theories and/or technical aspects, short write ups on a past event etc, pertinent to the Filipino martial arts and the culture of the Philippine. The FMA Informative also has an Online Magazine which each issue is dedicated to a subject such as certain aspects of a style, historical, theoretical and technical aspects, reflections, and other related subjects, also the culture of the Philippines etc...
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The ideas and opinions expressed in the FMA Informative newspaper or online magazine are those of the authors of the articles or practitioners being interviewed and are not necessarily the views of the FMA Informative.

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The Art of PanAntukan

First of all, there is an important precision to be made, should we say panUntukan or panAntukan ? If you search the internet you will find both terms, but mainly Panantukan. However, the exact term is Panuntukan and to explain this, the simplest is to repeat the explanation of a master in Philippine martial arts, Rene Tongson.

""It's Panuntokan or Panuntukan. There is no word Panantukan in the Philippine dictionary.

Panuntokan is the action or in this subject is the punching exchange. Just boxing. Subsequent evolution, improvement and development have incorporated the use of elbows, knees, low and high kicks, traps, pins and even head shots... for others it is dirty boxing.

Stay tuned if you want to learn about Arnis, Sikaran, Yaw-Yan and many more Filipino martial arts.

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